Library Services / Data Libraries

  Data Doctor equips your library with state-of-the-art catalog software, secure databases and efficient discovery interfaces. Data Doctor leverages open-source software for image curation and media archiving. Data Doctor makes it easy to retrieve important books, publications, video, audio and e-resources. Data Doctor is certified CompTIA Data+

InfoSec / Cybersecurity

  Computers and Networks are under attack by 'bots, spyware and viruses. Data Doctor will help you discover security vulnerabilities and help you harden your cyber-defenses. We can detect and repel network intrusions to protect your valuable data. Data Doctor is CompTIA Security+ certified. Follow Data Doctor on facebook for the latest security bulletins.

Strategic I.T. Planning

  Data Doctor aligns your technology with your business processes. Data Doctor creates a plan to upgrade your I.T. systems for improved performance, efficiency and availability and prepares a backup plan to restore services in a crisis.

Network Mapping / Network Analysis

  • Hardware and Software Cost Comparisons with Recommendations.
  • Holistic Network Analysis -- Business Process Workflows and Bottlenecks.
  • Map Business Services to I.T. Solutions to elucidate costs and prioritize upgrades.