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Fred headFred Pierre founded Data Doctor in 1996 to offer I.T. consulting for strategic technology planning.

Fred worked for Adobe Systems, Google, Microsoft, Allstate Insurance and Windstream, rolling out new hardware and software and supporting graphic designers.

Fred is certified CompTIA Network+, Server+, LInux+, A+, Data+ and Security+ and worked for 12 years in Library Systems Administration. 

Data Doctor provides an analysis of current I.T. systems and makes recommendations for improving workflows and systems' efficiency. Data Doctor leverages breakthrough technology to save on expenses.

Data Doctor specializes in enterprise network security, workflow analysis, technology budgets, maintaining cloud-based and hardware assets and supporting software including Active Directory, Microsoft Office and Office 365, Google Workspace and Adobe Creative Suite.

Data Doctor guarantees satisfaction. Data Doctor is careful and precise. Data Doctor provides a written plan for improvements and a final report on the implementation. Data Doctor provides ticketed support with quality-of-service agreements.

Data Doctor currently serves the Northeast Ohio region with information technology services. Leave a message at (330) 552-8043‬ and we will get back to you shortly.

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